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With excellent experience in sustainable development we wanted to translate our passion for the environment and incorporate this into sustainable development projects, sustainable research and promoting sustainable design initiatives. Our success is built upon our fundamental belief in the “Green Economy” - where businesses can implement sustainability practices whilst still saving money. As buildings represent an enormous opportunity for energy efficiency - sustainable building practices meet the economic and functional needs of the present without compromising the well-being of future generations.

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About Us

Effective Organizations don’t simply “buy” their Green and Sustainable projects they need to use a different approach to design and manage them.

Value of our Work:I-ecogreen enables these organizations and design teams to:

  • Save money and time on Green, Sustainable, and Regenerative projects
  • Improve environmental performance and ecological score
  • Reduce risk
  • Improve community relations
  • Improve organization and community culture, raise morale, and increase sustainability

Value PropositionWe coach, design, and manage the processes to achieve cost effective, deeply sustainable, and regenerative solutions in:

  • Green Building Process Design
  • Regenerative Land-use Planning
  • Renewable Energy feasibility studies
  • Green Building Portfolios - Design, Construction, and Operations
  • Sustainability Programs - along with Organizational Development

How we do it:Counter intuitively, by pushing through the cost barrier and looking at the whole solution — cultural, environmental, and technical as a whole interdependent system. We don’t just fragment solutions into checklists and piecemeal ideas as this is the sure way to spend more money and lower the effectiveness of solutions. We are experts at integrated systems design, management processes, and cultural change guidance that are the only real way to achieve true sustainability across the entire enterprise. Successful companies around the World have sought our assistance in delivering their Green building projects on time and within budget.