energy modeling

DefinitionEnergy modeling, or simulation, is the practice of using computer-based programs to model the energy performance of an entire building or the systems within a building. This whole-building modeling provides valuable information about the building and system energy use as well as operating costs.

What We DoThe complex relation and interaction between building components and energy systems is integrated into the building simulation wherein our Energy Modeler Experts uses comprehensive and complex analysis of potential benefits and different strategies in maximizing the overall building’s efficient energy design with regard to all the possible parameters such as weather, occupancies schedule, building envelope, systems and other variables which has an effect and influence on energy consumption and performance of the building.

These comprehensive analysis includes identifying the best building envelope properties, building orientation, most appropriate mechanical system type, life cycle costs analyses and calculations.

Our Energy Model Experts determines the requirements of efficient design and development through these analyses and therefore leads other professionals involved such as designers and contractors to carry these out during design and construction phases of the building.

By understanding and analyzing the requirement of efficient design and development, our Energy Modeling Experts leads other professionals such as designers and contractors to carry out these analyses and recommendations during the building design and construction processes.

Our Energy Model Experts also creates calibrated model for existing buildings that becomes the benchmarking model from which multiple energy conservation measures can be tested, and life cycle cost analyses generated. These analyses are also addressed to other involved professionals such as contractors and facility managers in order to create improvements in their building system operation.

In complying with ASHRAE Standard Codes, LEED Building Rating Certification, and Estidama Pearl Rating System, Energy Modeling is viable in complying the International, Local Code Standards and achieving Green Building Rating System Certifications.