estidama consultancy

DefinitionEstidama, which means "sustainability" in Arabic, is an initiative developed to achieve the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan's dream of creating a more sustainable future for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It is an integral part of Abu Dhabi's Vision 2030.

An essential tool to advance Estidama is the Pearl Rating System (PRS). The PRS is a framework for sustainable design, construction and operation of communities, buildings and villas. The PRS is unique in the world and is specifically tailored to the hot climate and arid environment of Abu Dhabi.

The Estidama Pearl Rating System provides design guidelines and detailed requirements for rating a projectís potential performance in relation to the four pillars of Estidama: Environmental, Economic, Social and Cultural.

These broad goals of Estidama has tied through a number of key performance indicators measuring energy use, water use, waste generation, carbon footprint, and biodiversity amongst others.

What We DoI-ecogreenís involvement is in a wide variety of projects for Estidamaís three Pearl Rating Systems for Communities, Buildings and Villas.

Our Pearl Qualified Professionals (PQP) leads the design and documentation process for projects that are seeking a Pearl Rating System.