Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies


There are a wide range of renewable energy technologies available that can generate power, hot water and cooling. Not all these technologies are suitable for every environment and we help to identify the appropriate solutions that are cost effective and technically viable at the client’s specific location.

What we do

We provide renewable energy feasibility studies for a wide range of clients, including schools, utilities, shops, offices, manufacturers, communal housing and community buildings.

Technologies used in renewable energy feasibility studies

As part of our study, will look into the viability of a wide range of renewable energy technologies for both new-build and existing buildings and sites. These technologies include:

  • Solar thermal.
  • Solar photovoltaic panels.
  • Wind turbines.
  • Ground source heating and cooling.
  • Air-source heating and cooling.
  • Biomass boilers and stoves.
  • Hydro.
  • Combined heat and power.
  • Combined cooling heat and power.
What our renewable energy feasibility studies cover

For each technology under consideration, the feasibility study will include:

  • Description of the technology.
  • Overview of the technical feasibility.
  • Potential advantages and disadvantages of installing the technology.
  • Possible constraints.
  • Estimated cost of installation.
  • Financial incentives – dependent on country that project will be located.
  • Estimated return on investment.
  • CO2 savings over time.
  • Recommendations regarding the most suitable technologies.
  • Recommendations on improvements to building energy efficiency.
  • Next steps.

As an additional service, we can also help you identify potential suppliers and installers, and assist in the tendering and selection process.